Immigration Lawyer

There are several ways of finding an Immigration lawyer or immigration solicitors for your immigration matter. People often attempt their immigration matter themselves however by spending sometimes as little as 30 minutes with a professional to discuss immigration enquiry can be the difference between resolving the issue.

Several immigration solicitors and immigration lawyers offer free advice over the phone or for some law firms you may be entitled to an initial free consultation with an immigration lawyer. In such cases it is advisable that you have all relevant questions prepared before hand and that you have all your important documents to hand for example your passport (or copy), immigration status document, official letters from the UKBA, recent immigration decisions and relevant family documents like marriage certificate or children’s birth certificates.

Make sure that you take note of advice from the immigration lawyer and if you decide to instruct the immigration solicitor to either submit an application, write a letter or provide you with representation then ensure that you provide your full instructions and make sure to hand over all relevant documents to the adviser.